SHROUD – Just Too Much [Track Write-Up]

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Just Too Much

I am genuinely excited to present this track write up for the new single “Just Too Much” by the artist, Shroud.
As the track begins, an ethereal arp synth greets the listener and instantly uplifts the creative aspects of the mind. Nostalgia and waves of deja vu wash over the senses as the intro sounds are sucked into a void and we a greeted by our first drum hit.

Brass horns and a gated synth lead into a riddim inspired drop with a very large low mid range bass synth with a guttural and vocal nature to its character. A clap and ever quickening kick drum lead us into the first drop.

The sound design and flow selection have an obvious inspiration from ‘First Of The Year (Equinox) by Skrillex. A brutal beat down section closes out the first drop in spectacular fashion.
We are reintroduced to the intro synth for the bridge section. This time accompanied with a kick snare pattern that is reminiscent of Zeds Dead in certain aspects but is a fresh and unique take on things with the second drop.

At the same time as activating similarity to some older dubstep artists, Shroud also takes ample opportunity to flex his skills with the wicked call and response patterning showcased in the second half of the song. The fact of the matter is there is not a single second when listening to Just Too Much by Shroud that I am not genuinely impressed with the sound design in some way or another.

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Written by: Travis Bisbee

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